1 – Hughes, Hemingway, Bacon

December 13th 2012

Poem:  Dreams by Langston Hughes
Essay:  Of Studies by Sir Frances Bacon
Short Story: Hills Like White Elephants by Hemingway


Short Story:
To-day is Friday by Hemingway
Banal Story by Hemingway

Langston Hughes’ poem is very straight-forward, with no room for misinterpretation.  Dreams are what make life bearable as Rudy’s buddy said that movie.  Hold on to your dreams.  Without them what reason is there for living?

Of Studies by Sir Frances Bacon reminds us that all study should be for self improvement and makes the metaphor that just as physical exercises are good for the body and can offset certain disease or flaws, mental exercise can do the same to remedy mental flaws.  If someone’s mind wanders, he should study mathematics, a study which doesn’t allow for it.

Hills Like White Elephants is the only story in the Men Without Women compilation of short stories by Hemingway.  It is about a man who has been traveling with a female companion convincing her to have an abortion.  He claims that after the abortion everything will be the same as before but the woman knows better and that nothing will be the same.

It also shows how much feeling is apparent but goes unsaid.

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